There is no question that you love your car. Any work you might want to be done on it is only because you care. So, it’s vital that you make sure to get quality auto parts from your auto body parts supplier. Whenever you are getting auto parts you want to make sure that it adds value. You want to ensure that the car part increases the value and performance of the car. To do this you need to make an informed decision on your purchase. So how do you make an informed decision? Well, you make sure that you have the answers to the following questions.

What Type Of Warranty is Available On The Part?

Warranties are a big part in ensuring amazing car health. When ordering the part make sure you ask your parts supplier about the warranty that comes with the product. This is because OEMs and aftermarket body parts offer warranties but different manufacturers for the aftermarket parts may offer different warranties. This is one way to make sure you get better parts in the deal.

What is The Best Option For Your Car OEMs, Used Or Aftermarket Parts?

This decision depends on opinions and circumstances of the individual. Experts advise that Genuine parts and OEMs should be bought while others find that getting aftermarket auto parts provide better value and service. While some prefer used parts. Check which type of auto part fits your need the best as each has its merits.

For Used Parts, How Much Mileage has It Travelled?

Now, this is specifically for used auto body parts. To determine the quality of the part you need to find out the mileage it has traveled. And if the part has any warranties available. Make sure you get a part that has lower mileage than your car if not at least the same mileage. Going with a higher mileage part is obviously not advised. So make sure you do ample research before you buy used aftermarket auto body parts.

Type Of Delivery Offered?

First of all, you don’t want the product to be delivered to your house if your mechanic is fixing it. Having it delivered to your home means that the repair will be delayed. It also means that you now have to take the auto part to your mechanic. Also, take advantage of great shipping deals from online auto body parts suppliers. There are many shops that provide quality products at a cheap rate while also providing free shipping. Make sure you do your research before buying.

Do They Have It In Stock?

This is a big issue, make sure your auto body parts supplier has the exact product you need in stock. Now if they don’t then you should ask them if it will be available soon or not. Otherwise, it’s better to look for a new supplier.

Making An Informed Purchase

Making an informed purchase is the best way to purchase anything. It filters bad suppliers, builds trust and educates you on your need. This is even more important when buying auto body parts. Now armed with these questions you can make an informed purchase on the auto part that you need for your beloved car.


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