Drains clog and pipes leak all the time and it’s really annoying if it happens every other month or so. The idea of digging up the entire bathroom to replace a leaking drain pipe gives us shudders! The Galvanised grated trench drainage system of an apartment should get more attention because it’s not like it can be fixed without causing a huge mess. If the drainage system is not given its due attention, the residents have to face lots of problems such as cracks may appear, leakages occur, and sometimes the whole pipe may need to get replaced. We find using a polymer channel for the drainage system may get you over these problems.


Usually, plastic and concrete gutters are used for drainage and how long it will last depends upon the way they’re used. Plastic is breakable depending on pressure and concrete can crack over a good period of time and because it absorbs water. Even if you use iron, it will get corroded. So, it’s a much better idea to use a material which can withstand these problems. A polymer is a material which is a good solution to this. If you use a polymer channel, it will stay without getting corroded, leakage, or cracking.

Ability to Withstand Pressure

Polymer doesn’t absorb water, is anti-corrosive, and it’s very strong. It’s made out of resin, silicon, mineral aggregates, and adhesives; this makes polymer very strong and that’s why it can withstand high pressure. The polymer is four times stronger than your conventional concrete but it’s half its weight, it doesn’t bend or get dislocated. The structure of the polymer makes it able to last for decades without damage. And since it has great hydraulic efficiency, even a small drain channel can have the functionality which equals that of a larger dimension.

More Secured Grating

One of the biggest problems of gratings is that it gets stolen often! It happens more if it’s made of cast iron or stainless steel. But if you buy a secured grating polymer channel, it will be firmly fixed and locked in and the vandals cannot steal it quite easily.

Shock, Abrasion, and Chemicals Resistant

Polymer’s properties and its optimal prefabricated design increase the capacity to withstand and absorb shock. This makes it shock resistant. The polymer is abrasion-resistant, too because of the hardness of the silica makes good conservation of surfaces exposed to the road traffic because of the polymer’s maximum abrasion resistance. Also, the polyester resin used in the polymer is a type of material that can resist a variety of chemicals because it’s inert and it doesn’t react to contact with these chemical compounds.

Unaffected in Freeze or, Thaw Cycles

The polymer is not affected by freeze or, thaw cycles like traditional materials and it can avoid the appearance of cracks or fissures and maintain all the physical properties intact. Polymer’s strength is something that also makes it a good choice. It can withstand up to 22-25 MPa compared to the 16-20 Mpa which can be withstood by fiber cement.


The polymer has a lot of positive sides that make it an excellent option for drainage channels. Although it costs higher than regular drainage channels, it offers really good value.


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