There are many hospitals and other organizations who offer healthcare services like to buy PACS and RIS software. But, they’re not sure what they should look for in this tool. It’s a big financial investment to buy and implement this system. It’s because it’ll affect the long term in your daily operations.

So, before you shop it, you should have a good idea about this point. While selecting, shopping, and using the system, you’ll have to avoid some pitfalls. You’ll get help from this post as we’re going to discuss the points of the issues and features you should know before you buy the RIS PACS system.

Well, you just need to continue reading the entire post that will enable you knowing what you should have and avoid while buying it.

Do an On-Site Trip

You should your vendor for at least one site visit that the system is already using. As a result, your potential vendor will seek to make you a site visit at the office where they’re using it. Also, they’ll show you the system at the office where is the similar business and technical perspective.

But, it’s not a good idea to just talk to them over phone calls or letters of recommendation. They’ll just talk about the benefits more than its drawbacks. Also, you’ll not be able to identify the issues of the system if you don’t see it in an office or two practices.


The system comes of interface with some other apps. They allow you to send data from one app to another one. For example, the interface of this system should come with some related system. These include tomography scanners that have computed or magnetic resonance imaging.

You should get the system that has described the interface’s functionality. Also, if it’s possible, you should choose the interface with specifications. And you have to set it as fourth of your agreement. But, you might get an interface with a specific app that has made for other customers.

It’ll come with unforeseen issues and you can’t solve it your own. So, the best idea is to ask your vendor whether the interface has previously made or not.

Payment Terms

As a provider, you can select from some different payment systems. It’s because the marketplace of this system is very competitive. Also, there are options for capital financing and common cash purchase. So, you’ll find some of the systems offer prices based on per study.

Also, there are other forms of arrangement for per use. For example, some vendors charge for every study instead of charging separately. But, you have to ensure a minimum amount of studies per year if you choose a payment system per study based.

It’s because the vendor will be able to recapture the costs of the upfront. But, if you choose different payment systems than per study based, you’ll have to create some specific payment milestone. These are for equipment delivery and system implementation.


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