Marble is a luxurious stone that add elegance and uniqueness to your house. The stone floor is unique on its own and marble flooring offers much more elegance and design to your house interior. To retain its original shine and beauty requires care and maintenance. All etching and scratches can be avoided if you take special care of this delicate stone. Here are a few things that damage your marble flooring.

1. Solutions That Are Used for Floor Cleaning

The different solutions used for floor cleaning by the marble restoration near me service have acidic properties. Lemon and vinegar are ecofriendly solutions for your interior cleaning, but it is very harmful for the marble floors. You can instead opt for a pH neutral cleaning substance. The acidic properties can etch, and scratch maybe even lift the surface of your marble floor. Cleaning products can have a permanent effect on your flooring because of the reaction of acids with calcium carbonate.

2. Not Cleaning Regularly

Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the elegance and shine of the marble floors. Dirt, snow or debris is subjected to ruin the shape of your marble floor. Placing doormats and rugs and telling guests and house member to take their shoes off are a big help. Furthermore, you should clean your floor with dry and clean substance to mop. This can reduce the debris that builds up over the course of the day.

3. Not Using Protective Pads Underneath Your Chairs

Marble is undoubtedly long lasting and much stronger than other types of flooring, but its shiny polish isn’t that much long lasting and can get dull with the scratches of chair legs if you don’t put any protective pads underneath them.

4. Not Cleaning Spills Immediately

Letting spills sit on your marble floor could possibly be the worst thing to do because it is a porous stone that can absorb liquid material quite easily through penetration and your marble stain can get an unpleasant stain. In order to avoid the damage, make sure you clean the spills immediately.

5. Unsealed Marble Stone

As aforementioned, because of the porous nature of marble stone liquid penetrates through it easily. To resist the water from settling down in your marble stone flooring, you should consult marble restoration near me services to seal up your marble floor regular basis as it would create and obstruction and won’t allow liquid to penetrate through. This is not a complicated process and can be done on a DIY basis as well.

6. Not Cleaning Up Pet Urine Immediately

Pets are an adorable addition in any family, but if they aren’t trained enough about their bathroom hygiene then you should worry about your marble floor. The urine of cats or dogs have an acidic property that leaves stain and etches on the floor. Make sure you have a non-acidic floor cleaner stocked up, so you clean up the litter as soon as it happens.

Everyone should take care of their house their own self. Keep these things on your fingertips so that you don’t get your marble floor damaged or stained. Once a damage is done, you would definitely need a help from marble restoration near me services.

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