Because most of the mobile carriers have been starting using the latest tech, overseas call rates have gone more down. It’s good for you if you have a family that’s staying in Australia and you’re working in some other country. Usually, you’ll find that most of the carriers are offering the rates of pay-as-you-go and allow their clients so that they can use their minutes on monthly basis for overseas calls. Some of them, for example, Telstra international calls mobile come with $5 to $15 per month. Also, there are some other carriers that offer almost similar call rates for overseas callings. Well, let’s know about some of the related information of various carriers that you need to learn about overseas calling.

What are the Cheapest Call Rates for Calling Australia?

You’ll get a great deal on the mobile calls to Australia with rates starting from $0.01/min to $4.00/ minute that are offered by some carriers. If you like to get an idea about it then you’ll find a $60/ hour to $240/ hour that’s the most expensive one. But, you have the freedom of choosing your desired plan and the best service provider. From the above-said range of call rates, you can choose your suitable one either it would be $0.01/min or $4/min. now, let’s know how to call Australia and its simple just dial 011 +61 and then put your phone number. But, you have to remove the “0” from “011” if you call to a mobile phone and simply dial +61 and then dial your number.

Which Card Should You Choose?

This is one of the tough questions to answer easily which phone card you should use and it’s almost impossible these days. You’ll find a lot of cards on the online and physical shops that you may get confused to get the perfect one for you. But, you can make the thing easy if you know where you need to call and where you’re calling from. For example, Telstra and Optus used to sell their phone cards where Optus looks like completely abandoned. Also, Telstra is just moving away from cards as they like to offer prepaid cards for calls. But, you’ll get its Phone Away cards that are a great way to travel across the world. As a result, if you want to make an overseas call then you can choose this card.

Should Buy an International Phone Card?

International calls are a godsend for you if you need to travel to some remote areas or need to make call some remote areas. Its true SIM cards are getting more used these days, but you have to use phone cards to communicate in many countries yet. That’s why you can choose Telstra Phone Away card if you want to make a call to remote areas or overseas calls.  

Bottom Line

So, if you’re making phone calls to your family from Australia then you can choose mobile phones with Telstra mobile packages over the phone cards. But, it depends on which country you’re calling from meaning if it’s a remote area of a country you may need to use phone cards where the mobile phone is useless.


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