We research on the carpet floor mats for cars and find out the best two among them. One is WeatherTechs, and another one is Hexomat.

Today, on this content, we will provide the details of these two products which are easily available on any “car floor mats store near me”. Also, we will provide an essential difference between them. So, it will be easy for one to select the best mat according to your need.

Therefore, read this content to the end and get more information about WeatherTechs and Hexomat. Hopefully, all the below information will be beneficial for you.

Floor Mats of WeatherTech

Now we will discuss the WeatherTech mat. First, WeatherTech has made by the USA. Mainly, it is famous for the durability and suitability for all weather. The WeatherTech will provide all the facilities that the carpet needs.

Most importantly, there are customized sizes in the WeatherTech mat, and all the size fits perfectly. Moreover, it has an odor-free compound, and it never curls and cracks in the high temperature as well.

Another exciting thing is, you will get three color combinations of this mat.

The WeatherTech provides a warranty for three years. Most importantly, this mat offers a floor liner with DigitalFit that works amazingly. Also, it’s lipped tray is the latest features and do all the job correctly.  

Floor Mats of Hexomat

First, we will talk about the mat of Hexomat. It is a unique and quality mat than other mats. Mostly, this mat is famous for the hexagonally-designed cup. Also, Hexomat is best for all types of weather.

Besides, the component of this mat is advanced and quality rubber.

Most importantly, this advanced rubber makes Hexomat long-lasting and flexible. Moreover, one can use it for a long time without being fade, curl, and crack. The most exciting part of this mat is it has several color combinations. Therefore, you can select your favorite color mat for the cars.  

Another exciting part of this mat is, it provides a custom cargo liner. Indeed, a Hexomat liner and carpet will be a great pair for your lovely cars. Moreover, it will give a perfect look with a clean floor surface.

Most importantly, this runner mat is very tough, like the nails, and it can handle anything that you throw. Moreover, it presents high traction and combat against all the dust particles, including the sticky mud. Last but not least, one will get a fantastic lifetime warranty for these products.

Find Out the Best Mats for Your Car

You already know the details about these two mats from the above information. Now it depends on you and your choice to select the item. It isn’t easy to choose any one between WeatherTechs and Hexomat. Therefore, you can select one mat according to your budget and need.

But if you do not have a problem with the account, then the Hexomat will be right for you. Also, you can contact us if you prefer any professional help. Lastly, we assure you that we will help you through this issue at any time. Trust us and contact us to get the best solution.


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