Although your kids have back in school, you’re remaining for a hectic summer. It’s because there are many things to organize all over the house. These include the kitchen and laundry room. Also, there is fishing gear, souvenirs, and sand all over. So, it needs to make organized and decluttered.

No matter how many clutter or mess there is, you can do it yourself without hiring “junk pick up near me” services if you follow the below tips. So, before you call or search for some “junk hauling services near me” try these unique steps. You’ll get some help from them, so let’s know them.

Dining & Kitchen Area

You can use staples, string, rubber bands, and other things to organize the tray of muffin cooking. If you have a habit of tossing items in your kitchen counter or dining table, then stop it. Instead, put there an item like placemats, table runner or a vase on the dining table. This will as dress up your dining table as it will ensure toss something on the table.

In this case, you can put a tension rod under the sink to clean the bottles. So, they’ll remain at out of sight, but you’ll find them when you need to clean something. It would not be chaotic because of being a junk drawer. So, place some small bins or trays in them with the label. On the other hand, if you have sitting bags made of plastic, try to use those putting empty boxes.

And keep them in the kitchen closet or pantry that will simple to find out later. Also, you can use a magnetic strip on your kitchen wall so that you can hang some metal items. These include knives and some other essential things.


To store scarves, use circular hooks in your shower curtain. You can place there some stuff like spice racks, or other shelves. Taking a tab of soda put it on the hanger’s hook. After that using the lower soda tab opening, put another hanger’s hook. If you double up the number of the hangers, you can put twice items in your closet.

Now, take the rings of the shower and put them all on a single hanger. Afterward get your accessories, including scarves and belts by hanging them. If you do it, you’ll find more space in your drawer as a single hanger gets the lowest space in your closet.


Unlike the name suggests, the magazine file may hold something more than only magazines. You can put there some large items as well like hair styling products, brushes, and sprays. It’ll make them out of the drawers or off the counter. If you hang PVC pipe pieces inside your door cabinet, you can hang your styling pieces of equipment.

These include your straighteners and the curling irons. You might have so many shampoos, body washes, and conditioners that can make a big mess. In this case, you should try to use pockets under the shower curtain. It’ll help you reduce the clutter of your floor and shelves.


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