The title may sound you simple, but all riders can’t get the most out of their bike gears. But, no worry, we’ll make you able to get the competitive boost. Tao Geoghegan-Hart is one of the competitive cyclists who suggest to you.

When you push your body in the winning competitions, you get the body just like getting the bike ride. Because you’ll not put yourself for practice for hours like Tao, you can get an edge if you learn how to use your bike for the best effect.

And the gears regardless of being parts for mountain bikes ore other types of bikes are the best place to start with. At the moment, let’s know some tips to use the mountain bike parts.

Smaller Is to Last Longer

Tao says that most people push their gear very big and they increase the extra load on their muscles. Also, they foreshorten their time until they get fatigued. If we say it in other ways, they use the gears in the wrong way.

Thus they make themselves tired very quickly. Also, Tao suggests that some people are in the guilt of doing cross-chaining. This happens if you do the shifting of gears oppositely.

For example, the highest and lowest gears of rear and front sides and drags their chains outside of the alignment. That means you have to go through smaller pedaling with the gears for more time biking.

Find Your Best Level

“You should use the gears like a car to get an ease cadence and to adjust for speed change or gradient.” He explains that you obviously should not do too much or too little rev.

For their comfortable ride; many people go through in between 80 to 100 rounds per minute. Thus, you have to find out your comfort zone and the optimum level that you can ride a bike smoothly and for a long time.

Keep Your Legs On Working

The bikes people use most of them come with front chaining of 39 while the back one is 30 to 32. In this case, gears will use if there are steep climbs.

The key thing in this issue is that focusing on gear is not just the main thing. Also, it’s essential to get the cadence and finding speed in your leg that will make you feel efficient and comfortable.

Predict The Road

The final advice of Tao is that prediction and practice with patience are the major things to use your gears correctly. He also adds that you should know and learn what exactly works for you. And try to avoid the bad habits that have inside of you to get an efficient and comfortable ride with a faster speed.

You’ll start to choose gears and the right pace without considering it with adequate time in its saddle. As a result, if you need to answer to the gear-related issues then you’ll have to spend some more time riding your bike.


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