If you’re looking for a postpaid plan that you prefer to be less then a two-year contract, you can get a 12-month phone plan. And that becomes the best alternative of the regular 24-month plans and you’re getting these for the competitive marketplace. That’s why you’ll find some plans that come with some good options and variances that suit most users’ expectations. But, the hard part of this thing is that when you need to choose the best one for your own. It’s because there are so many phone plans that offer some extra goodies for you. For example, if you’re in need of a lot of overseas calls you can choose the Telstra international roaming pack. At the same way, there are plans for every single individual and they just need to know around.

So, let’s know some tips to get long term mobile phone plans and deals for you.

12-Month Phone Plans from Vodafone

This provider likes to offer different types of 12-month phone plans with generous data and too much international extra. So, you can go with $35 every month plan that’s for 12 months and offers plenty of things that all are needed by you. With these 12-month SIM only plans, you’ll get unlimited talk time and text in Australia with 3000 minutes of overseas minutes every month if you’re eligible for it. As it has a big bonus point in the Qantas Points, it’s handy for you if you’re a frequent flyer. Also, it offers bonus data and discount plans sometimes so you should keep an eye to them.

12 Month Phone Plans from Telstra

Possibly you might be only familiar with the prepaid and 24-month plans of Telstra, but you also will find their 12-month plans. In this case, you’ll find three plans and all of them are for the SIM-only basis so you need to use your own device. As a user, you’ll get unlimited local calls and text with plenty of data up to 90 GB for every month. The starting amount is $49 that goes up to $89 for respectively 30 GB and 90 GB data that are not cheapest on the market. Not only data inclusion, but you’ll also get some more things with their plans. These include data-free Apple Music streaming, Telstra Air Wi-Fi, and sports streaming.

12 Month Phone Plans from Optus

Optus goes at the same way that Telstra goes and offers 12-month mobile plans for you on a bring-your-own-phone basis. At the present time, this provider is running a promotion of SIM only plan that is getting replaced by their regular 12-month plans. Here, you’ll have the options to select from a wider range of plans that start only from $25 every month. Recently, it was offering a Promo deal with a 25% discount up to the fourth of February of the New Year eve. With the data and minutes extras, you’ll get something more like National Geographic, Spotify, and Google Play Music.


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