Most people have an extra 10 minutes every day. These may include in the morning commute, waiting on the train, and surfing the web. Also, it may come while taking jogging through the part and ahead of your friend to prepare.

It’ll make you surprised how creative you can be only at 10 minutes timeframe. We, web design agency Long Island, are going to share some things that you can do just within 10 minutes.


Take the time to look at emerging web developments in the industry and design. Look into the rivals, and see what you can do well and what they do well. Read a blog post or essay about what’s happening in the world, and when you do, take notes.

Dreaming of your unique view and how business patterns can translate into what you are doing without compromising your style. To get you going, may we recommend some fun reading material?

To-Do Lists

Write down a handy to-do list. Crossing off an object is one of the world’s most relaxing experiences. Rank it by priority, the scale of the job, due date, no matter what.

Even easier, compose a list of to-do and follow it with a series of goals that you have for the week, month, months, and years. Find what you intend to achieve or accomplish in the future, and see to it represents what you are doing.

If you want to be this side of the best artist, and you find the blog-writing is all in your to-do list, then something is up, and you need to reevaluate.

Sketch or Journal

Take along a newspaper or sketchbook everywhere you go. If you get a bout of inspiration, take a couple of minutes and write it down in your diary. Brainstorm suggestions for projects or stuff you’d like to do.

You can never know at the moment what ideas come to you, and you must remember certain emotions and thoughts. So, you don’t lose them. Look out for the little things around you.

Update Your Portfolio/CV/Resume

Ensure your portfolio/CV/resume is up-to-date with all the tasks you worked on and the expertise you acquired. Connect what you can from recent freelancing contracts.

And make sure you have the connections you need to highlight your job. Edit your website by incorporating something from your portfolio that isn’t there yet.

Then look over what you’ve got to delete everything that falls off from your newest task. Suppress, delete, delete. Any items are no longer worth highlighting on your web site.

Social Media

Hold your label and refresh your social media pages. Make sure you’re searching for a career and refer to your profile. So, your friends and family can recall you every time they’re itching to create an app or need a website for their start-up or a new t-shirt line concept.

You might also focus on fixing up your social network to ensure that it truly represents who you are today-not who you were in high school.


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