Any cyber context that’s getting concerned about the global economy should start taking payments using best known global payment methods. If you want to trade around the world, let me introduce you to a list of totally must-have payment types.

By the way, both global and local payment systems are often easier to be enforced (those which are popular on domestic markets). But that’s another subject for an upcoming blog post.

For now, let me send you a list of global payment processing solutions to be introduced on your e-commerce website.

Visa & MasterCard cards

I assume that these brands require no introduction of credit/debit cards. It’s all around. Online payments with such cards in some countries are ubiquitous, and not so much in some countries.

But that’s still the world’s most common means of paying online. This payment method should encourage your customers to pay for your services.

Maestro cards

A MasterCard-owned debit card is not as common as Visa or MasterCard, but many people own that card in some markets, particularly in Europe, Brazilian, or Australia)It; Worth seeing, particularly if you are selling in Europe on your website.


It’s the world’s most common alternative form of payment (at least in my opinion). It’s common in a few countries when it comes to online shopping (for example, in the US or Germany) (e.g., in the CEE region).

Some love this system; others hate it. It’s a nice alternative to “typical online payment solutions” in particular if you’ve got a not-so-famous website and not many customers are prepared to leave their card details if you’re not well-known.

American Express Cards

This is quite a common card for payment. It’s in North America in particular. This is the must-have payment option for you when you are about to trade in American markets.

Anyway, what is so cool about this card? When it comes to numbers, they are not as limited. In certain cases, Amex card consumers can handle larger volumes at once than clients with other cards.

(China) UnionPay

One of the world’s leading card brands with the highest number of cards issued today (obviously because of the number of card users in China).

It is definitely necessary for you to sell in Asia (especially in China). Worth watching since the success of this card is increasing in other markets as well.

Diners Club Cards

The next worldwide card brand is Diners Club. Owned in some countries, for example, North Americas, Germany, the UK) and in some particular sectors, it is popular with Discover Financial Services; (travel, entertainment).

If you want to sell, tell so in the United States, or you have a web company that sells stuff that’s worth noting.


It’s a pretty fascinating form of payment. It operates in 10 or 11 countries at present. A helpful endorsement if your services wish to be sold in those European countries.

However, if you want to buy in other countries (for example – it does not have a positive opinion in Poland), I would not suggest this payment method). In other nations (who are not sponsored by them), nobody is aware of it, so it is best not to show them the payment form.


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