Amongst many purposes for which PDF has gained popularity, splitting is one of them. It can be a bit tricky for an amateur to get their hands around it at first, but let us help you in sharing some tips regarding splitting PDF files.

1. Google Chrome

You can start with Google Chrome by uploading files, drag and drop options will work as well, which is easy. You can also right-click to choose “Open With” and select Google Chrome amongst the options available. Proceed to “Print” the document and choose & save the location where you want your file to be saved. Choose “Save as PDF” and the number of copies you want. After you have chosen the location, click “Save” and select the “Print” option. Repeat the process for other documents.

2. Any Online PDF splitter

Now that you have documents at hand, proceed to split PDF online free. If you want to keep your document secure, click “Secure connection” option to keep it confidential and personal. Proceed to drag and drop files in the “Files to Split” section, if that does not work, you can visit “My Computer” and choose the file from the location.

3. Preview (OS X)

Start by opening the PDF file in Preview. Preview software also comes in-built in Mac and the tools it offers will be enough for you to make basic changes.

Using Preview will consume a bit more time as compared to Google Chrome or an online tool, so if you are short on time, you might want to consider other options. Proceed to select “View” option from the menu and then select “Thumbnails”. Drag the pages to the desktop that you want to split. Dragging a page from the Thumbnail section to your desktop, will create a new PDF page consisting of just that page. You will have to do that for each page that needs to split.

Make sure that the Thumbnail view is enabled while opening the first page. You will need to combine them back to form a new PDF file. Proceed to drag the pages and order them according to your requirement. After you have made changes, click “File” and select “Save” to produce a new PDF file that is combined.

4. CutePDF (Windows)

For windows, CutePDF is a good option. You will first need to download the software and run it. A free program that allows you to split PDF files. After you have installed the software and it is now running, click “Open” to select the file that you want to split. Select the “Print” option and choose “CutePDF Writer” from the options available for printers. It is a virtual printer that will create a PDF file, but not print it. Proceed to select the number of pages you want and Select “Print”.

All of the options mentioned above will fulfill the purpose, depending on the time available and ease of use, your choice may vary. However, the online option is best, as you can split or edit PDF documents for free and you don’t need to install anything too.


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