You would have read hundreds of articles on how to decorate your living room or how make it more appealing? But today you are going to read on how to ruin your living room.

Your living room is the place in your house where you spend most of the time with your family, watching TV, talking and discussing, reading books or newspaper or just plain lounging on the sofa. Many times you try to decorate your living room which turns out a disaster and completely ruins it. Experienced residential trash companies near me are here to help you identify the disasters.

1. Size Does Not Matter

When you buy too big of something or too small or something, then that makes your living room completely out of place. A huge sofa which completely takes over your small living room or a very small rug or a very big frame or an extremely small frame on the wall is a strict no for your living room. Always go for a size proportionate to your living room.

2. A Single Color or Too Many Colors

Decorating is an art and it may come naturally to some and many people will take years to attain it. However, there is a thing known as common sense. While it may appeal to some to go for a single color in the whole of the living room, it surely does not appeal to the eye and it looks monotonous. While some adventurous souls use almost every color available which looks tacky. Choose colors of the same family and go for a contrast.

3. Buy Everything That You See

Furniture and decoration stuff which looks good in magazines and furniture shops will not necessarily look good in your living room as well. Armless chairs and artistic painting may look elegant but they are not great for long-term use. Always see the furniture in 5 years’ time, whether it will give value for money, comfort, and longevity and then proceed to buy.

4. Uncomfortable Furniture

Your living is the place where you relax and if the sofas, chairs, and cushions are not comfortable then you will surely not want to spend your time there or you might want to replace or buy new furniture in some time and get the old removed with the help of residential trash management near me companies. Choose furniture that is sturdy as well and comfortable and stays a long time with you.

5. Bad Lighting

Lighting is directly proportional to your mood. Too much of lighting or overhead and bright lighting may ruin the look of the living room. Too less lighting may make the room appear dark and gloomy. Choose proper lighting and also make some space for task lighting such as lamps and bulbs for a specific area.

6. Pushing Everything Towards the Walls

Although it is really tempting to push all furniture towards the walls to create more room, it does not look good in the living room. This will make it look very cramped.

7. Neglecting Your Furniture

Even if you have a really nice living room, not taking care of it and maintaining it will ruin it completely. Stacks of books and newspapers, stained upholstery, trash, and dirty furniture will surely not look appealing.


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