1. Have a Strict Policy about Mobile Phone Usage

You must enforce a strict policy for your hospital staff on the usage of mobile phones. These little gadgets can divide the attention of your workers, making them performing poorly in a situation of emergency. Mobile phones are often used in notifying any online services you may have or for using software like DICOM viewer free, however, the use of smartphones for staff’s personal reasons must be restricted to only break time. Make sure the staff knows the difference between professional and personal life.

2. Make Human Resources in Charge of Coming Up With the Best Policy

Different organizations require different uses of mobile phones and sometimes the use of mobile phones may adhere to professional practices. There are laws about the usage of mobile phones, and they are to be followed or else there can be a problem if someone finds out. To avoid this inconvenience, you can assign the task to the human resource to come up and enforce the policies about these mobile phones keeping the local laws in mind and change these policies accordingly.

3. Make the Staff Aware of the Security Concerns

Your staff may or may not know the security breaches that can take place through their usage of mobile phones that use unprotected networks. This is a serious matter when you consider the amount of data of the patients and their personal information that can leak making your organization in the crosshairs of the authorities. Make sure any network you use in your hospital is protected and monitored. Making your staff aware of this matter will have them be careful in the usage of mobile phones.

4. Create No Phone Zones

This will help your staff in avoiding the use of mobile phones in sensitive areas or where there should be no use at all. They must follow this rule and the policies you have made to ensure the best environment for a hospital and increasing the efficiency of the workers. No phone zones should the intensive care unit (ICU), the work desk, operating rooms, critical care unit (CCU) and maybe even the common lobby.

5. Provide Your Staff with Hospital-Issued Devices

If your hospital runs on the usage of internet and mobile phones to notify such as use of DICOM viewer free, then you can easily equip your staff with the hospital issued devices that block any personal activities and only have tools that are used for the hospital like free online DICOM viewer. Keep their devices out of reach and only accessible to them in break time or in a case of emergency.

6. No Wi-Fi Availability

You need to create specific Wi-Fi zones where your staff can use their phones. Most of the time the staff require the internet to access certain apps or use the phone. You can restrict this by making Wi-Fi hotspot in only specific areas of the hospital such as the canteen where your staff can use the phone. This technique is followed by most of the hospitals to minimize the use of mobile phones by their staff in working hours.


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