Cleaning the house of a hoarder is a tough task indeed and should be better left for the professionals. But if you are a brave soul and want to attempt the cleanup along with the hoarder, then you should first read the cleanup checklist below. These steps are a strategy to coordinate the house in such a way that your safety is also ensured.

1. The Initial Process

The worst thing about a hoarder is that he will accumulate all sorts of stuff, of which most will be useless while one or two items may be of considerable value. Evaluate and assess the whole place. You will need to classify the items by just looking at them that how you will begin. Take notes regarding what supplies you will need and encourage yourself.

2. Planning

You will be faced with not just clutter and garbage but all sorts of things which may be dangerous as well as hazardous. Set a time and target for the cleanup. The sooner the better. The most demanding task is to convince a hoarder that this life he is living is doing no good.

You have to strategically tackle him into agreeing to throw away the stuff for his own well-being and health. You might need professional counselors for this as well. Build the hoarder’s trust and confidence and also keep extra storage space to store the items so the hoarder is relaxed that you are not throwing away all his stuff.

3. Gather Supplies

You will need a ton of supplies for this task:

  • Trash bags and empty boxes
  • Buckets, mops and cleaning cloths
  • Sanitizers and antibacterial cleaners
  • Vacuum cleaners, broom and mop
  • Tools and shovel

4. Safety Precautions

Your own safety should be the top priority. Take along aprons, goggles, gloves, padded shoes, repellant sprays, masks and first aid kit as you never know what may be lurking in the hoarder’s pile.

5. Take Help

Take help from any colleague, friend or acquaintance. Make sure the person you are taking help from is not a hoarder himself or you way get misguided.

6. Prepare a Storage Area

Prepare a storage area which could be an empty clean room where you can store all the items that are useful and are of value. Make sure the storage area is a safe covered space.

7. Start Cleaning

Start the cleaning process, taking one room at a time. Start with smallest room. Include the hoarder with you in the cleaning and explain to him the importance of decluttering and living in a healthy clean place. Keep aside the important and valuable things in the storage room. Also store important documents and papers aside. Pack all the garbage, junk, hazardous stiff and useless things in garbage bags to throw them away.

8. Sanitize

Once you have cleared the room, empty the whole room and clean and scrub with disinfectants, vacuum and mop. Make sure the room is completely clean and smelling fresh.

9. Repair the Property

After you have sanitized and cleaned, then you can see the damage done to the property and repair it for a completely new place.

10. Get a Junk Removal Service

Hoarding cleanup is a tedious task and it’s better done by those who do it on a daily basis. Hire a Long Island city junk removal company for hoarding cleanup.

Junk cleanup services have different pricing plans, so contact them a get a quote. Then compare the pricing of different trash removal NY companies to finally hire one.


After cleaning for the hoarder, you need to train and council him to not hoard again. Hoarders are generally attached to their stuff and might hoard and accumulate again.


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