Tips to Keep Balance with COVID-19 And Your Work

Our lifestyle has been changed because of the continuous spreading of COVID-19 throughout the country. Also, the issue is broadening all over the world to change the daily lives of the planet.

Tips to Reduce Operating Cost for Your Imaging Center

While operating an imaging center or working as an imaging specialist, you need to make some decisions. One of them is to reduce operating costs that’s a great issue for an imaging center or...

Medical Image Processing Software and What You Can Do with Them

In medical image software, processing comes right after analyzing. When the analyzing software is done analyzing the data it has been given, the processing software then transforms the acquired data. Although some...

Why You Should Choose the Cloud-Based Storage

You might have learned lots about PACS and cloud-based storage while researching for your medical imaging storage. Due to keeping their medical images, many imaging practitioners are using a local DICOM PACS, hard drive, and...

4 Perfect Tips for Your Growing Medical Practice

As your healthcare organization grows, you will have to deal with more and more patients each day. This means it will be difficult for you to deal with so many patients to the increasing number...

How to Build Your Hospital Brand?

Establishing a company such as a healthcare organization is a pretty hectic job. Turning it into a brand is even harder as it requires determination, marketing, business skills and a bit of luck. Establishing a...

What You Should Know as First Time PACS User

There are many hospitals and other organizations who offer healthcare services like to buy PACS and RIS software. But, they’re not sure what they should look for in this tool. It’s a...

How to Manage Hospital Staff Smartphone Distraction

1. Have a Strict Policy about Mobile Phone Usage You must enforce a strict policy for your hospital staff on the usage of mobile phones. These little gadgets...
Cloud PACS VS Local PACS - in Medical Imaging

Know About Cloud PACS VS Local PACS in Medical Imaging

Probably you’re happy with your local or physical PACS as it’s enough for your aspect. Also, we know that everybody doesn’t like to get updated to their existing setup. And you may think that...

How to Manage Patient Flow?

Here are some tips to help you manage and improve patient flow. 1. Chart Your Flow Creating a chart flow is the must-do thing when it comes...