Once upon a time, it was a tedious task to edit, fill, and create PDF documents. But, over the passage of time, things have become much easy and convenient these days. It also the same for PDF document and you can do many things with your PDF documents even through your web browser.

Also, there a lot of free PDF tools aside from the paid or premium ones those work great. In this post, we’re going to discuss some of the free PDF tools and their websites. Using these tools, you can do many things with your PDF documents.

These include creating, editing, signing and many more things with your PDF files. In addition, they’re not just easy to use; they require simple know-how to use the tools. So, just continue reading the entire content to know them in details.

Finding PDF Files Online

If you’re looking for some types of PDF documents on the web, then you have to search specifying with .pdf files. When you’ll use these queries, you’ll get a bit of exciting result from the search engines. You’ll find PDF document from technical manuals to white papers.

If you search “cats filetype: pdf” on Google, it’ll provide you all PDF files relating to the cat. Also, you’ll get almost the same result for the other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

Filling Out PDF Forms Online

Have you ever been in the situation of filling online PDF form like job applications or some others? If yes, then you know it’s quite impossible to fill a form that comes in PDF. Unlike writing on Microsoft Word, it’s not possible to write on the form just pointing your mouse on it.

So, you need to print the form first, scan it, and finally can email or upload the document to the web. This is a quite painful process. But, it’s easy to get done using the PDF tool. A PDF tool is also able to open and edit password protect PDF free of cost.

For example, you can use PDFfiller tool to fill up your PDF forms without doing anything but using your browser. In this case, you’ll have to point the tool to the URL you have the PDF form. Then you’ll get the option to fill them effortlessly. But, this is not a free tool, so you have to pay for it.

Creating PDF Documents Online

It’s easy to create PDF documents using PDF tools like PDFCreator. If you use this tool, you’ll be able to create PDF documents from all Windows software. Also, you can do some more things using this tool. These include converting your docs into PDF, PNG, TIF, and some other formats.

Besides, it lets you get merged your multiple files into a single document. You also can make regularly used settings that work in a single click. It lets you compressing and resizing images to lower quantity. Also, it comes with a feature to encrypt your PDF documents using the AES method and easy to set a password to password protect pdf document.


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