To invest in bitcoin often make a debate as there are so many other options for investment. So, it is important to know about other investment options as well before comparing them with bitcoin. For example, gold and S&P 500 are the closest competitors of bitcoin.

Therefore, if you know about the pros and cons of these investment options then it would be easy to make a decision. Usually, a stock like gold needs to pay tax on the other hand bitcoin allows tax losses.

Also, you can invest again the bitcoin into the portfolio for saving. Finally, bitcoin is far more advance compare to other investment options in terms of the tax cut. So, before you look for “keepabit reviews,” let’s know more about the topic.

No Change on Capital Gain

It is the same calculation when we take stock gain and tax gain for tax. Because crypto like bitcoin is mentioned in IRS 2014-21 Notice as ‘property’.

People hold bitcoin as investments like securities and stock and tax for capital gains are the same. Finally, if you think, you can cut tax for capital gains of crypto like bitcoin it’s time to update your knowledge.

Capital Losses: Crypto Offer Recurrent Tax Loss Plan

Crypto like bitcoin gives a great advantage to harvest losses. We know, bitcoin is mentioned as ‘property’ unlike securities and stock. At the same time, bitcoin doesn’t need to follow the clear sale rule.

When the portfolio of bitcoin is red that means the investment is more than the current market value. Then, one can get benefit to sell the investment. As a result, Tax losses affect the tax bill and cut it down. It seems like a small amount for one transaction but thinks about the overall tax amount it would a large number.

So, one can reinvest this amount and grow the portfolio of crypto. As there is no restriction, anyone can harvest this tax loss frequently. Finally, more savings from tax losses can promote more investment in the crypto portfolio as reinvestment.


Suppose one buys google stock for $5000 (1 share at $100 each) on February 1, 2019. On February 15, 2019, each share of Google stock currently is trading for $80 which is a lower price than the purchase price. Because of the clear sale rule, the person’s capital loss is not claimable. So, the capital loss $1000 (($100-$80) *50)) is completely in vain.

On the other hand, if someone buys bitcoin with the same amount of money and faced the same situation that means capital loss of $1000. The person can use this situation in favor. Whenever the portfolio becomes red and to know the situation like that Coin Tracker is helpful.


It is important to think about recurrent harvesting the tax loss is not a great idea. The current guideline suits with crypto do not permit or deny the harvesting of tax losses for more than 30 days.

So, everyone should care about the frequency of harvesting tax losses. Any abusive practice can change the form of argument and become unacceptable losses. As a result, capital losses cannot be granted for the tax cuts. So, harvesting tax loss can be a great way to use it to grow with limits. Researching on their reviews as like as the “keep a bit review” can be a super helpful option to gain insights on such things.


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