If you live in New York City and are wondering, “Who are the best-reviewed barber near me?” we got you. We know how important barbers are not only for the wellbeing of our hair but also our overall personality and good looks. A top quality barber can make you look like a dapper while on the other hand, an average barber may mess up your hairstyle. We will tell you about the 6 best barbershops in Astoria, New York.

Alex’s Barbershop

Located in 3003 32nd St, Alex’s Barbershop is an old-school barbershop which is quite known to the locals. If you ask anyone in Astoria, “Who are the best-reviewed barber near me”, they will definitely mention Alex’s Barbershop’s name. They are very popular and their customers are loyal.

Well Kept Barbershop

Well Kept is yet another top barbershop in Astoria. This one was founded by two guys who were involved in cutting hair from an early age. You will find barbers who will attend to your every need regarding your hair with true professionalism. The ambiance is also good. Some people say their price is high, but that is only because of the level of service they are providing.

Astoria Barbers

If you don’t care much about getting a high-end hair cutting experience and don’t want to spend that much on a haircut, Astoria Barber may be the place for you. A regular cut there costs $20 which is pretty low compared to Well Kept’s $40 standard cut. This shop started its journey in 2002 and has been there since and also very well known as “barber shops for black hair near me Astoria”. Along with regular haircuts, you will also be able to get Tape-ups and Skin Fades.

Sculptures Barber Shop

Compared to the above-mentioned barbershops, this one is a newbie as it was founded only in 2012. But what they lack in experience, they make it up with quality service. Their price range is above Astoria Barbers and below Well Kept. Sculptures Barber Shop is a very clean place with only 4 chairs but they are perfectly laid out. The barbers there listen to their customers intently before approaching the job.

Andrea’s Barber Shop

This is one of the oldest barbershops there is. It was founded in 1926 and they have successfully managed to survive this long. The place has a 50’s vibe but that doesn’t mean they lack modern technology. This is a classic barbershop and very well known in its area. They have employees working for them for more than 15 years and they are very friendly towards their customers.

Broadway Barber Shop

Also an old school classic, this one was established back in 1962. Although it changed ownership in 2012. It’s one of the finest barbershops out there and the chief barber is one of the best in New York City.


Finding the best barbers may appear tricky. Sometimes you don’t need a fancy barbershop with lots of modern tech. A good barber who tends to your needs may be the best.


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