1. Zoom in or Out to Your Preference

MS Word has a lot of things that you can take advantage of. One of them is the ability to zoom in and out of the document, whether you are working or just plain viewing it, you can easily zoom in and out according to your preference. Some people prefer the zoomed in version to prevent strain on the eyes while others need to zoom out fully, so they don’t have the need to scroll or some just like things simple by setting the zoom in the middle i.e. 100%. It can be done easily by the slider on the bottom right of the MS Word or even by the pinch-to-zoom effect on phones or trackpad on laptops.

2. UPPERCASE, Lowercase

Uppercase, lowercase; they are very important in MS Word document especially when you are writing a research paper or an essay. Mistakes happen and you may get all your alphabets in uppercase without you even realizing it or the other way around. It’s no biggie. You can simply select the text you want to change and press CTRL+SHIFT+A for making it all uppercase and CTRL+SHIFT+K to convert all the text into lowercase letters.

3. Converting PDF into Word document

The PDF file can be converted to a docx file without difficulty. People who don’t want to edit these PDF files on the PDF editor can edit on MS Word. Just open the PDF file within MS Word and click Yes on the warning message and voila. However, the PDF file may come up jumbled or unorganized due to excessive images so you may have to reorganize them before saving it again into PDF. For better results, use Word to PDF converter free. You can find many by entering the term ‘Word to PDF converter free’ on Google.

4. Smart Lookup

Smart Lookup is a handy tool that MS Word possess. It basically works as an internet browser having the need to open the default browser itself. It’s like a browser within the MS Word. It doesn’t take time to load like a browser would do and you can do different things like definitions of specific words. Select the text you want to look up, right click on the highlighted word and you will see “Smart Lookup”. Try if you haven’t already.

5. Auto Recovery

The most dreaded thing is when you lose all your progress and hard work you had put into a Word document without being notified. It is a fairly common problem where you may face power failure or system failure resulting in loss of all progress. First of all, it is recommended that you save your progress every minute. Although, MS Word has an Auto Recovery feature that will bring back your lost document and saving you all the trouble. Use the Recover Unsaved Documents in the Recent Documents tab where you will find your document that MS Word had saved for you temporarily. Immediately save the document. Needless to say, this can make your nightmare go away.

6. Quick Find

If your document is huge and you have to find a specific word or phrase, just press CTRL+F and type the phrase or word then press Enter. You’ll have all the instances that word has been used in the document.

Again, if your goal is to find a good free Word to PDF converter. Do choose those which don’t ask for emails and are really free.


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