Want to know more Australia other than what is Telstra international roaming pack. How about some quick facts? Let’s start!

  1. More than 90% of Australian’s population lives within 100km of the coast.
  2. The box jellyfish found in Australia is responsible for more deaths there than snakes, sharks or crocodiles.
  3. The only mammals who lay eggs in this world are platypus and echidna are found in Australia while platypus has some mysterious strong venom which can kill a small dog easily.
  4. The world’s longest golf course is located in Australia which measures around 850 miles long.
  5. Australia is home to ten of the world’s 15 most poisonous snakes along with some inconsistent number of venomous spiders.
  6. The highest electricity prices in the world are of Australia’s.
  7. Australia is very big and as wide as the distance between London to Moscow. The area covered in snow during winters is larger than the total area of Switzerland.
  8. Despite being a very huge country, Australia consists of only 22.6 million human population while you can find more than 150 million sheep. It says more sheep are than people.
  9. Around 100 tourists overstay their visa every week in Australia. They also check out Telstra international roaming pack.
  10. More than 80% of the Australian population is indulged in some kind of gambling games every time spending most of their money than any other nation in this world.
  11. There is no active volcano in Australia.
  12. There is a woman in Australia named Gina who is the world’s richest person making around one million dollars every half an hour.
  13. Australia was the second country in this world after New Zealand who allowed women to vote.
  14. The world’s oldest fossil is 3.4 billion years old was found in Australia.
  15. Melbourne has been ranked the world’s most livable city from last three years.
  16. The world’s first seat belt law was imposed in Victoria in 1970.
  17. There is a gay bar in Melbourne where women are restricted to visit because they make the men uncomfortable and they can be charged a court case if they try to sneaks in there.
  18. You will take around 27 years to visit each of Australia’s beach if you visit one every day.
  19. You will find the cleanest air in the world in Tasmania.
  20. Their locals consume 96 liters of beer every year.
  21. It is illegal to walk on the right side of the footpath in Australia and you can be arrested if you are found doing that.
  22. There are around sixty designated wine regions.
  23. Eucalyptus oil is highly flammable so if anyone tries of igniting gum trees, they may result in a huge explosion.
  24. There was a local resident in Australia who tried to sell New Zealand on eBay once.
  25. In 1940, two planes collided in the middle of the air but they made a safe landing stuck together instead of crashing.
  26. There have been no deaths from spider bites reported in Australia since 1979 which was the biggest cause of deaths earlier.
  27. More than 25% of locals of Australia are born outside Australia. Check out Telstra international roaming packs if you’re planning to fly out of Australia and want to make unlimited international calls from mobile.


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